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New Conservatory of Dallas Groupies

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[14 May 2005|05:32pm]

hey, who all is going to durango this year????
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[20 Apr 2005|08:57pm]

[ mood | weird ]

AHHHHHHH WE'RE GONNA GRADUATE SOON!!!! (when i say we, i mean the seniors)
it's gonna be WEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRDDDDDDDDD!!! we should wear caps and gowns. that wouldnt be retarded at ALL

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[01 Jan 2005|02:05am]

le sigh.. this community is dying!! Thanks to those who have been helping to keep it alive ^^ I think it's just difficult to remember to post in here, I mean even I forget! Lol..

Well, a happy new year to you all! I hope it's an even better semester of NCD, yay for New York and SOT at the Meyerson - it's time to move on to the next thing! Will we get new pieces now????? I FREAKING HOPE SO XD!!!!

Here's to a great new year, and more posts in this community! *cheers!*
::9 a.m. rehearsal!

[21 Dec 2004|11:03am]

that concert saturday was great, eh?
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[05 Dec 2004|10:02pm]

woo hoo

nyc was fun fun fun
::9 a.m. rehearsal!

[18 Nov 2004|11:29pm]

If the Dallas ppl are wearing their uniforms for the Lincoln Center concert, then what are the Magical Strings going to do when they join the orchestra? What are we supposed to wear?
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Rehearsal 11/6/04 [03 Nov 2004|05:27pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hey everyone! Sorry about the incorrect location for the last rehearsal on my last rehearsal post. They changed it to the normal place because the wedding was cancelled - haha I wonder why...... :P

Anyway... rehearsal this week is from 9 AM to 4 PM. Yep.. loooooong rehearsal. It should be fun though - I hope. At least Mr. Fomin's conducing and not Bill! Lol...

Everyone doing okay? Not getting many posts lately.. Welcome, Farrah!! Glad more people are joining! Sort of! Hehe.. more later guys!

::9 a.m. rehearsal!

Hey Y'all [31 Oct 2004|02:29pm]
Hey Fomin Groupies it's Farrah and I am violadiva07
I am now a member of the Fominator Community!
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[30 Oct 2004|11:26pm]

[ mood | drained ]

we have a... what??? 24 hour rehearsal next saturday?? EEEEE! what fun. Well, we should be doing more than normal if we are playing in AVERY FISHER HALL! yeahbaby.
Well i didn't audition because i messed up all of the whole thing. I thought Mr fomin was setting up the auditions, and... oops. you have to apply to the University first, get accepted, THENNNN schedule your audition. Me and my genius thoughts weren't centered. :)
But i did tour CSU with Jenna <- we had a great time hu jenna? BORING tours... anyway i also had a lesson with Mr Francois. He is SO NICE! yay we had a good lesson.
mo latah homeys

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[26 Oct 2004|09:29am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Okay so I uploaded my Beethoven Sonata recording to YouSendIt.com yesterday and posted it on my journal. My mom told me that I should send the link to Mr. Fomin so maybe we wouldn't have to fed-ex the cd to him (he's in Colorado/New York). So I was like okay.

I wrote him this loooooooooong drawn out email with the link, telling him what he needed to do and explained how long it would take if he had high speed/dial-up and blah blah and I said if he couldn't get it to work, I guess we could fed-ex it to him but this seemed easier.

Yeah so I got an email back a few hours later:

"please fed ex to me -af"

I was like ¬_¬ that's it? That's all I get in response to my NICE LONG EMAIL!? Lol I shouldn't have expected more.. it is Mr. Fomin after all but I mean sheesh..... hehe

::9 a.m. rehearsal!

[25 Oct 2004|03:46pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

OK i am kind've MAD at my violin right now.. i have auditions like wednesday, and I sound soo bad.
so i IMed mr fomin and the conversation went something like this:

"i am practicing and i sound SO bad."

"you have to get worse before you get better!"

"i CAN't get worse!! :( "


hehe. I LOVE MR FOMIN!!!

1 came to rehearsal on time:: >::9 a.m. rehearsal!

[24 Oct 2004|03:24pm]

Ah...this journal is so transparent that I can't read it!!! sadness....
anyway i like the layout, very cool Chloe^_^
btw this is christine barron and i never update my livejournal

Right now im working on my college essays....its very time consuming >.< i just had a lesosn with mr fomin. I was waiting for my mom to pick me up on his porch and this van pulls up with a mexican guy in it from August moon. I guess mr fomin has ordered chinese food or something but the guy kept on trying to give it to me. I was like...i dont live here...I - Dont- Live - Here....I DONT LIVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! *RUNS AWAY* haha it was funny. anyway i hope bill scobie isnt conducting next week. :p
1 came to rehearsal on time:: >::9 a.m. rehearsal!

Reherasal time/place [24 Oct 2004|02:40pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]


Orchestra rehearsal, Saturday, October the 30th is from 2:45 to 5:00 PM IN THE GYM.

See you all there!

Halloween treats anyone? ^^
::9 a.m. rehearsal!

[24 Oct 2004|01:34pm]

AHH auditions in 3 days! *dies* *dies again.* lol. This is going to be REALLY fun though. Both my parents are coming out to Denver with me, and we are going to look all around Fort Collins!!! AND Jenna is coming too!!! yay! I am so used to flying by myself that it is going to be so weird with my parents there- but that is cool :)
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[23 Oct 2004|11:33pm]

Thanks for the updates on the layout Chloe! It looks great!

We (Chicago kids) have a rehearsal with Mr. Mann for the SoT concert in a week. Should be interesting, and yeah I don't really know why I told all of you that because none of you are in Chicago...I guess it's sort of random.

The Magical Strings played at a wedding today. The groom had been carrying our business card in his wallet since he'd heard us 12 years ago, and somehow tracked us down and insisted on having us play for his wedding. They got married in this GIGANTIC entertainment-center-ish church, which seated 3,000 people and dwarfed their wedding party. They were the most enthusiastic crowd we've EVER had- they were clapping on the Orange Blossom Special before we signaled them to start clapping!

I guess I'll be updating y'all (note the y'all) on MSY concerts!
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[23 Oct 2004|06:24pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Come on guys, let's get some posts going!! I think this could be a really awesome community if everyone would contribute a little bit once in a while ^^

As of now, we have 8 members: Jenna squared, Kenaz, Christine, Marcos, Erin, Amy and me of course - Leslie has yet to become a member - she's only "watching" right now XD

Just write about anything - let's get this place rollin'! Write about lessons, anything you remember from camp, funny orchestra experiences, any suggestions you have for NCD that you think should be brought up to the proper authorized people (I.E. concert dresses for New York ¬_¬), questions about our pieces - ideas for extra rehearsals, pieces you're working on on your own - anything!

The community is called the_fominator, but it's really a community about NCD and the lives of the people in it/associated with it ^^

Help me out here! See ya!

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NCD REHEARSAL [22 Oct 2004|07:25pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Everyone in NCD -

Rehearsal is from 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM tomorrow, Saturday the 23rd

Too bad there aren't many people to receive this message... maybe after tomorrow more people will have joined this community - hehehe
::9 a.m. rehearsal!

[21 Oct 2004|11:48pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Sorry guys, this is the best I can get the layout to look for now - I don't really want to have the text all the way over on the side, but I have to do that for now so we can see the freaking picture!

Do you guys like the pic? It's from our concert at Mesa Verde - if anyone else has any suggestions feel free to send them my way!

Maybe I'll mess with the layout more later.. but for now - I'm going to BED!

::9 a.m. rehearsal!

[21 Oct 2004|07:58pm]

How fun is this? =)

I'm sorry, but i really could not stop laughing when Mr. Fomin said (a few weeks ago) something about giving us a Christmas present if we played well..and then said.."or maybe a hanukah bush!" *we start playing* ...."or maybe George Bush!"

Why was that funny? Dunno. But it was!
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Random Fomin Quote of the Day [21 Oct 2004|07:57pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Hi everyone!

I think we should have a random quote of the day and quote of the week. People who are in the orchestra right now can also contribute recent ones!

Here is one of my favorites from CMitM 2004:

"Please take off your hat so I can see your fresh, growing hair!"

1 came to rehearsal on time:: >::9 a.m. rehearsal!

first post [21 Oct 2004|07:58pm]

[ mood | excited ]


My first community! I hope I can get lots of NCD people (and even non-NCD people) to join this!!!

Um.. basically we'll be talking about NCD, orchestra rehearsals and Mr. Fomin in this community - hehe.. not too much badmouthing though! Remember, he's my teacher and a lot of other peoples too - but we can rough him up a bit XD

If you guys can think of any Mr. Fomin Quotes - post them here!!!

Hopefully I'll have a better layout made soon. Now let the posting begin!!!
::9 a.m. rehearsal!

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